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One Direction themed dance party

One Direction fever has been taking the world by storm since they launched just a mere three X Factor seasons ago. Yes they may be a band aimed at teens, but we've all got a fav here at Bounce HQ. Their cheeky personas and Harry's gravelly tones make us swoon like no other pop act can.  So we thought, why not make our 1D obsession part of our job? (Ah the perks of working at Bounce..) We wondered if a One Direction dance themed dance party would be something of interest? Or maybe the 1D lads themselves would like a workshop. Yes we're sure they have top choreographers working their magic on them, but judging by this video, they still need some work... Sorry boys! ;) So if you're a One Direction obsessive like us and would love to organise a 1D themed children's dance party or hen party, get in touch. They've got bags of hits we can work into one totes amazing 1D megamix. All together now, "We can dance all night to the best song ever..."

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Halloween Themed Dance Parties

It is well known that America do Halloween like no other country. But why shouldn’t the UK take note and celebrate all things ghostly and gangly and green in a big way also? Halloween is a great excuse to run a themed children’s dance party with street dancing skeletons and popping pumpkins all learning a routine to some funky beats. Party food could also be themed with dunking apples and roast pumpkins taking centre stage. Decor could be cobwebbed ceilings and shredded black tissue Turn paper, creating a den like feel to any party venue. By having the dance element your children will be highly entertained as they learn a routine in a modern style, as locking and popping lends itself to skeleton dressed figures. You will have a street dancing extraordinaire on your hands before you know it. Parents can be invited along at the end of the session to witness their children perform, and will all that added themed decor, they may just think they’ve come across a profession...

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