Creating the Perfect Wedding First Dance

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! It’s one of the most exciting (and stressful!) things you can do but is oh so worth it!

Whether you’re going for a full-on traditional white wedding, a small intimate gathering of your nearest and dearest or something completely different and having your own festival, the first dance as a newly married couple is one of the key moments!

Surrounded by your loved ones, it’s the perfect opportunity to take centre stage, to have a moment together and to really show off your gorgeous outfits from every angle!

But, it can feel a little intimidating!

Here’s our guide to creating your perfect first dance to not only create a cherished moment for both of you, but to delight and dazzle your guests too!

Can you dance?

The chances are, if you’re reading this blog you/your partner may not be seasoned dancers – and that’s absolutely OK! Your first dance doesn’t have to be Strictly final level but can still be everything you’ve ever dreamed of! If you’re complete beginners or unsure where to start, seek help! Perhaps sign up for a local dance class and learn the basics, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can pick up the steps! If you just need a few pointers and ideas, head to the ever trusted YouTube for inspiration! If you’re after something a little more specific and only learning a routine for your first-dance, speak to a choreographer and book some private classes – be sure to let them know your dance ability so they can offer the best guidance. Head across to to see how we can help!

BOUNCE TOP TIP – Whatever style of dance you’re going for, and whether writing this yourself of with a choreographer, make sure you know where your guests will be seated/standing – you don’t want to accidentally be dancing with your back to them halfway through your routine!

What’s Your Dance Style?

Wedding first dances have come a long way from the traditional sway around the dance floor! The options truly are limitless! Whether you’re looking for a traditional elegant couples’ dance, something a little more modern and dancing side-by-side, a mix of the two, a dance battle between the bridesmaids and groomsmen (why not book a group dance party class to learn a routine!), or a full wedding party dance, your first dance can be as unique as you are! Have a think about what type of dance you’d like your first dance to be and then think about the music you’d like to dance to!

Pick Your Song (or Songs)

Whatever style dance you’re going for, the song (or songs!) you pick should reflect you as a couple, your personalities and journey together! Whether it’s one special track that brings up a cherished memory, some beautiful lyrics that sum up your love, or something satirical (one of our personal favourites being “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor) make sure it has meaning for you! The nice thing is you don’t even have to pick just one! Why not create your own music mix to really take your guests on a journey of your relationship!

How Much Dancing?!

While your favourite three-minute track doesn’t seem like a long time singing along in the car, dancing centre stage in front of your loved ones for three-minutes can seem like an eternity – but there really is no need to worry, and you have lots of options available here too!

  • Repeat your choreography

Many songs are written as a verse, chorus, repeat, with a bridge in the middle. If you’re writing your own first dance, or working with a choreographer, but are worried about remembering all those steps, break it into sections you can repeat! By repeating the same steps in each verse and each chorus, you can greatly reduce the amount of choreography you need to learn and write!

Bounce Top Tip – when repeating choreography, add a turn to change the direction you’re facing when you repeat! The steps are the same for you but will look different to everyone watching (and they’ll see your dress from a completely different angle – win-win!)

  • Invite your guests to join you

Shorten the amount of time the focus is solely on you by asking the DJ to invite your guests to join you on the dance floor part way through (brief your bridesmaids and groomsmen in advance so they’re ready!) This has the added bonus of getting everyone on to the dance floor to party the night away afterwards!

Practicing at Home

Like anything, practice makes perfect and while we always have the best intentions, time can run away with us in the run up to the big day! Set aside time for you and your partner to regularly practice your first dance at home together (you can always sneak in extra solo practices too!) Remember to not only practice your steps, but your connection as a couple – the magic can be lost if you’re looking at your feet rather than the face of your new spouse!

Bounce Top Tip – check the space you have available to dance in at your wedding venue – chances are it’s a lot bigger than your kitchen! If you have the opportunity, hire the local village hall, or dance studio for an hour to practice your routine so you can really master those spins! If you can practice at your actual venue, even better!

When Should We Start Our First Dance?

This really is up to you, how busy you are, and how complicated you want your first dance to be! As a loose guide, start thinking about your dance six months before your wedding day. This will give you plenty of time to pick your songs and style, book a choreographer or write your routine, and practice! It also gives you a little more leeway if you want to change things or miss a few practice sessions together!

If  you have difficulty finding time together, online classes could be the right fit for you! There’s plenty of tutorials and helpful hints online, but if you’re looking for something bespoke, why not check out our Virtual Wedding First Dance Classes, where you can learn your full custom wedding routine in bite size chunks from home at your own speed!

Personalise Your First Dance

Adding special little touches to your routine really can make it personal (and much more memorable for you and your guests!) Don’t be afraid to include quirks, unique moves or funny moments! Did you have a non-traditional proposal? Why not re-enact that at the start of your dance? Perhaps one of you does karate – why not include a karate kick in your routine? Maybe your romantic first date walking on the beach, it absolutely poured it down – add some umbrellas and start your routine with “Singing in the Rain”! Chances are, your guests will recall these fun moments from your life together too and will enjoy them as much as you did!

Imperfect Perfections

Perfection is not the aim of your first dance, joy and creating a magical moment to cherish forever are! That’s not to say don’t practice, but don’t stress about any imperfections! This is your moment to shine, to embrace your new married life together and to show off the dress!

How We Can Help!

We’d love to be involved in helping to make your dance extra special! Whether you’re looking for a bridesmaid, or groomsmen dance, virtual or in-person wedding dance tuition, or just fancy doing something different for your hen or stag do, we’ve got you covered!

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