hens at home party packages

booked a weekend away but need some entertainment?

You're heading away to a fabulous house in the countryside, your Bride Tribe is packed and raring to go and the drinks are on ice, but wait...
what are you going to do once you've popped the prosecco?

You've a rough idea of how the weekend will pan out, but you need something extra, something flexible, that you can do at any point over the weekend, that doesn't take much prep but will involve everyone and get the giggles flowing faster than the drinks!

We've got just the thing!!


If you're looking for games to play at your Hen Party, this is the place to be! These games require no prep (other than a quick snip with the scissors!), very little space, making them perfect for you all sat cosily together, and we'll send everything you need for everyone to take part!

Guaranteed to get the party started, break the ice and get all of your group giggling together!

And, from just £1 per person, it's perfect for extra activities to include on a budget!



Dance Charades game cards

16 Truth cards and 16 Dare cards

Innocent Riddles or Dirty Minds quiz and answer cards

Would you Rather (Bride edition) quiz

Who Knows the Bride the best quiz

Pens for each participant

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