How to Plan a Home Hen Party

While weekends away in Europe are great fun (and usually a better guarantee of sunshine!) they can be very expensive, and there’s always so much more to worry about – making sure everyone’s passport is in date, will the hotel be as advertised, what if the flights are delayed or even cancelled! City breaks in the UK can be fabulous too, but you can’t always guarantee a great night out (keep your eyes peeled for our hen friendly city tour blogs coming soon!). We can absolutely see the appeal of a Hen Party at Home! Whether holding it at your own house, or hiring somewhere fancy for the weekend, we’ve got your step-by-step plan for the perfect girlie gathering!

Before you Start

The first thing you need to do is work out the guest list – this will help you decide whether there’s enough space to hold your hen party at yours/one of the hens’ homes, or if it might be worth considering hiring a party house or hall! Depending on how many hens are coming along, party houses can often work out cheaper than staying in city centre hotels – and the space is all your own! Check out our accommodation page for party houses located across the UK.

There’s nothing wrong with asking the Bride-to-Be who she’d like to invite, this is her home hen party after-all, and she’ll be able to share the contact details of everyone too.

Once you have your guest list, create a group chat on your preferred platform – while you might not need to share every aspect of the organising with everyone, it’s perfect for making sure everyone knows the plans!


Before getting to the exciting stuff, there’s a few basics that need to be sorted!

Pick your date – unless it’s a last-minute wedding, there should be plenty of time to schedule your home hen party! Six months before is usually a good time to start planning, that gives plenty of time for your hens to make arrangements with work or childcare, and there’s more chance that any suppliers you’re using will still have good availability for your chosen date!

Whether you’re booking a party house, or hosting at home, make sure everyone knows roughly where the party location will be so they can anticipate any travel arrangements.


Theme choices for hen parties are limitless! What does your Bride-to-Be love most? Is she a Disney super fan, maybe she loves going to festivals, or perhaps she’s a classy queen? Once you have your party theme it will help make decisions on all the other aspects of your home hen party, from activities to décor to food!


While home hen parties can be a lot cheaper that city breaks, that’s not to say the costs won’t add up! With décor, goodie bags, food, drink and activities to budget for, it’s a good idea to get a realistic expectation early on!

Have a chat with your hens about some activities you might want to do and if they involve hiring a supplier. Most companies will give you a no obligation quote for their services, whether it’s a dance party class, cocktail making or a butler in the buff, whatever your plans are, it’s always worth getting a quote before confirming the budget!

If you’re the one handling the budget, make sure everyone knows how much the party is going to cost, and when the payment needs to be made by! If you’re booking external suppliers, many require payment in advance, and have a cut off time for changing numbers. Tie this in with when you need to receive payment so you’re not out of pocket!

Don’t forget, if you’re comping the Bride-to-Be, not to include her in the numbers when you make your calculations, but don’t forget to include her in your numbers!

Paid Activities

There’s so much choice for activities for your home hen party! Now you have your theme, you can pick activities to match and many suppliers (including us at Bounce Studios), are more than happy to come to your own venue!

Dance Party Class – these can be stylised to match any theme! At Bounce Studios we have a whopping 20 themes to choose from or if there’s something bespoke you have in mind, we can arrange that too!

Craft Sessions – there are all manner of hen party crafts you can get involved with. Why not book nipple tassel making, or have a chocolatier come and join you? You could look at making bunting for the tables at the wedding, or why not check out our Perfect Pout lip balm and scrub kits?

Cocktail Making – whether mocktails, or cocktails, you can arrange to have a mixologist come and create some fantastic mixes for your party – or perhaps see if you can arrange for a butler in the buff to come and serve you your drinks?


It’s always a great idea to have some fun cheeky games to play at your hen do, they really get the party started and are a great way for the hens to get to know each other (if they don’t already)!

It’s also a great way to get all the hens involved – one of our favourite icebreaker games is “Guess the Panties”! Before the party, ask everyone to take a photo of their favourite underwear and print it off – then the Bride-to-Be has to guess who’s in who’s!

There’s also a huge array of party games you can get online – check out our Party Games Package for five no-prep party games from just £1 per person including postage!


While there’s no need to go OTT, décor can really make the difference to your party atmosphere – especially if you’re holding it at home – and it doesn’t need to break the bank!

Balloons, streamers, banners and flowers are a great way to create the party mood! Why not get them to match the colour theme of the wedding? You can go all out with matching balloons, napkins and even Bride Tribe t-shirts!

Food and Drink

Your theme choice doesn’t need to stop with your activities and décor! If you’re going for a festival vibe, why not look at having a BBQ? If elegant and sophisticated, afternoon teas or bottomless brunches are perfect! You can either hire a caterer or create the food and drink yourself and still keep it completely on theme with colour and design!

Goodie Bags

Definitely not essential, but if your budget stretches, they do add a lovely touch! You can fill them with novelties and essentials for your party (or for afterwards!) Check out our Perfect Hen Party Bag blog for inspiration!


Everyone loves a good party, but unless you’re Monica Geller, the clean up after isn’t what you’re really looking forward to! While most of the hens will of course chip in with tidying up, it can be really useful to allocate everyone a task, so that everyone gets involved and you’ll be done in no time!