Partying when Pregnant

Hen Party Survival Tips

Your bestie is getting married and obviously you’re going to be part of the hen party celebrations, but – your pregnant!! While this is fantastic news (for both your bestie getting married and your little bun in the oven!) the two may not seem compatible on first glance! Don’t worry, just because you’re expecting it doesn’t mean you have to sit on the side-lines!

Check out our top tips on how to party while pregnant and we’re sure you’ll have the best send off for your bestie!

Browse Hen Party Activities

Many hen party activities are perfectly suitable to take part in while pregnant! Whether the Bride-to-Be is interested in indulgence, such as a spa day or chocolate making, or maybe for a giggly afternoon with a life drawing class or hiring a Butler-in-the-Buff there’s so many options you can be involved with! Even a dance party class is absolutely fine and can be great fun – at Bounce Studios we often have pregnant hens taking part! If you have any concerns at all with being involved in an activity, speak to your healthcare professional, and the company you’re booking your activity with! They’ll be able to offer advice and put any additional preparations in place! (We always let your instructor know if one of the party is expecting, so they can customise your dance party choreography, and make sure to schedule enough breaks/make sure a chairs available if you need to take a break).

Enjoy the Indulgence

You’re pregnant, and if that isn’t the perfect excuse to indulge a little what else is?! The likelihood is that you’ll be going out for food at some point during the day, so check out the menu in advance and see what gets you inspired! Enjoy the fancy dessert and have an extra side, why not – it’s a celebration after all! Mocktails are also delicious, alcohol free, and the perfect way to toast the Bride-to-Be!

Dress to Impress, and Survive

Like everyone else, you deserve to feel absolutely fabulous for your BFF’s hen party! There are so many maternity options available from the high street and online, and depending how far along you are in your pregnancy, you may just need a size bigger in that beautiful swing dress! The same for shoes, if you’re comfortable wearing killer heels, why not, but it’s always handy to throw a pair of flats in your handbag (the same for the non-pregnant hens attending, a full day in heels isn’t always achievable pregnant or not!)

For the finishing touch, why not head to the salon for a hens hair and make-up session too, or contact a local stylist to come to your apartment before heading out so you can look and feel drop-dead gorgeous all day!

Preparation is Key

Despite the best plans, a hen party can go off on a tangent at any point and you may not fancy a late night dancing on a table! Make sure you know the address of where you’re staying, and have the number for a local taxi company before you head out, so you can politely bow out when you’re ready to call it a night! It’s also a great idea to see if you can get your own room wherever you’re staying (or bunk with the least crazy hen!) so you can get a good night’s sleep or afternoon nap if you need it!

Keep yourself going throughout the day, pop a bottle of water and a few snacks in your bag, if you’ve got a jam-packed schedule planned, you don’t want to risk dipping blood sugar levels or being dehydrated!

It’s also a great idea to scope out the area when you arrive at a new venue! Pick the perfect place to sit (find a spot with shade if you’re outside or near the aircon to keep cool), and clock where the loos are – you don’t want to be queuing to ask when nature calls!

Revel in the Celebration

Enjoy yourself, in a very short time you’re going to be looking after someone else and putting all their needs first, so make sure you have the best time, and do whatever works best for you! Get involved, but know when you’ve had enough (and don’t be afraid to admit it); plus you can be as smug as you like the morning after when everyone else is nursing a hangover!

We’d love to help you celebrate! Head across to for a quote on how we can get the party started!