Planning a Virtual Hen Do

Considering opting for an online hen do? You’re not alone! And just because you’re not all together in person, that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the fun factor. There are LOADS of ways you can make an online hen party a night to remember, and there’s an added bonus too – Depending on time zones, you can invite guests from all over the globe – WIN!

The Special Touch

She’s probably been dreaming about her hen party for months now, so make sure it’s super special and all about her. Send her some flowers along with a note detailing the login details for your call, her favourite snacks and alcoholic beverage, an outfit to wear (including obligatory veil obvs!), and some decorations in the days leading up to it. Better still, get her fiancé to get her out the house and decorate while she’s gone.

Theme It

Think about having a theme or dress code to add to the atmosphere. Just like a ‘normal’ hen do, fancy dress will help as an ice breaker for anyone who logs on and doesn’t know anyone else already on the call. Go for something people are likely to have at home if they aren’t able to go out shopping. Go vintage with 1920s style hair and make-up (and compliment that with a Charleston dance class), or all out 80s with big hair, sweat bands, and an 80s dance party to match! Or ditch the comfies and get glammed up in a swanky outfit (pyjamas optional on the bottom half!).


With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, there’s a tonne of hen party activity providers that have adapted and taken their sessions online. Almost anything you could have done pre-Covid19 is still an option… Think cocktail classes, chocolate making, cheese & wine tasting, treasure hunts and dance parties!

Plan a whole afternoon/evening of multiple activities broken up with breaks in between or keep it simple and opt for one longer session made up with just one of those, then compliment it with shorter games. Opt for a Mr & Mrs Quiz (with recorded answers from the Groom of course!), Who’s Torso is This (again, get a snap of the Groom to be with his top off if he’s game to throw into the mix!), or more traditional games of charades and Truth or Dare. Think about recording the whole session if you can, to watch back later or gift to the VIP as a memento!

Technical Glitches

Pick the platform you’re going to use and test it out with another ‘guest’ if you haven’t used it before. Make sure you can transfer the host and share screens if you need to. Each platform has their own restrictions, so pick which one will work best for your group. Houseparty is a great option but only available for a maximum of 8 devices. Zoom works well for larger groups but you can only be online for a max of 40 minutes unless you have the full paid up version. Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts are good options, and Facebook Rooms offers pretty good functionality too. Make sure everyone has got the relevant app/software downloaded well in advance of the party.

Just Remember

Make sure everyone has stocked up on alcoholic beverages in advance and offer plenty of drinks breaks throughout the party. Keeping the drinks flowing always adds to the giggles! Just be mindful to give plenty of loo breaks too, and schedule any of the more physical activities BEFORE the drinks start flowing.

Happy Online Hen Planning!