The Perfect Hen Party Bag

Goodie bags, while not essential, are a great addition to any hen party celebration, whether you’re planning to include small tokens to remember the weekend, or something to help them survive any potential hangovers! Whatever you’re going for, we have some fabulous and essential ideas for you!

Whether you’re planning a wild city break, or chill out spa day and dinner, there’s a few essentials you should definitely include

  • Print an itinerary of the day/weekend
    Not only will everyone know the plans (especially if they haven’t been involved in the prep), if anyone gets lost, they’ll know where to find you!
  • Contact details
    Include at least a couple of the hen parties phone numbers, and the details of where you’re staying
  • Local taxi numbers
    So you can easily arrange transport to wherever you need to go

You may have a specific theme for the hen party, or be going classy and traditional, either way, there’s plenty of options to include in your party bags!

  • Hen party t-shirts
    There’s so many options to match your theme; you can find 90s t-shirts on the high street or have something custom created in the wedding colours!
  • Hen party sashes
    These are often cheaper than t-shirts, can still be custom created and are one-size fits all so no need to worry about everyone’s sizing
  • Headbands or hair accessories
    There’s unlimited choice here and again one size fits all! How about including flower crowns for your boho/festival hen or cute Mickey Mouse ears for your Disney theme and of course let’s not forget the brides tiara!
  • Sunglasses/beads/accessories
    There’s all sorts of novelties you can include to match your hen theme. If you’re going for an 80s theme, add some neon beads or leg warmers to your party bag! Bright coloured sunglasses are also fun and help hide those tired eyes at the end of the party! These can be picked up pretty cheap from the high street or you can often get bulk discounts when ordering online

Novelties & Ice-Breakers
If hen parties guarantee one thing it’s fun! By adding a few games or novelties to your party bags, you have instant access to ice-breaker activities whenever you need them!

  • Printable games
    These are perfect to play over dinner or a bottomless brunch, or at any point during your weekend stay in a hen house! Check out our hens at home party games package online from just £1 a person
  • Advice cards
    Pop a blank card into your party bag with a pencil or pen and ask each hen to write a message for the Bride-to-Be! You can also do a twist on this and ask everyone to write a secret, then the Bride-to-Be can guess who’s is who’s.
  • Hand fans
    The perfect prop for a summer party, or night out in a restaurant or club to help keep you cool! If you’re going for a burlesque party theme, why not opt for feather fans?! These are also a great addition to get you into your burlesque character (and are cheaper and less messy than feather boas!)
  • Cocktail stirrers or straws
    These come in a whole range of novelty styles and have the added bonus of easily identifying your own drink (assuming you can remember which straw is yours)!
  • Cheeky chocolates
    Who doesn’t love a chocolate nibble, and with all sorts of novelties on the market, from kisses, to hearts to naughty shapes, you’re bound to find the perfect cheeky treat!
  • Rubber/eraser
    Unconventional, but can be a good giggle! Whenever a faux pas / mistake happens over the weekend, each hen can invoke their right to “rub-out” their mistake as if it never happened! 

While not essential, everyone loves a little treat!

  • Makeup or perfume samples
    Department stores and beauty counters often give out free samples! The perfect size for a goodie bag and your purse!
  • Lip balm
    Nobody likes chapped lips, it’s so annoying and can ruin your mood! If you’re interested in silky smooth lips, don’t forget you can order your own Perfect Pout Lip Kit to make as part of your hen celebrations!
  • Hair bobble or clips
    We know you’re going to head out looking drop dead gorgeous, but at the end of the night, the last thing you want is hair invading your chips!
  • Wish bracelet
    You can order custom bracelet’s online in a variety of colours! Each hen ties one around their wrist and makes a wish for the Bride-to-Be! When the bracelet snaps, the wish should come true!
  • Compact Mirror
    You never know when you might need to top up your pout, reattach an eyelash or check what’s in your teeth!

Nobody likes being hangry or dehydrated! While we’re sure food is included in your party plans, it’s useful to have something to grab on the go while you’re out and about.

  • Bottled water
    Whether keeping you hydrated during the day, or to grab first thing in the morning, a bottle of water is sometimes exactly what you need! If you’re planning an active hen party (perhaps you’ve booked a dance class with Bounce Studios) you could even opt for personalised refillable water bottles!
  • Mini prosecco/canned cocktails
    If you’re travelling to your location together, a tipple for the journey could help get the party started! If you’re giving your party bags out on route, make sure you can take alcohol to wherever you’re heading!
  • Plastic wine glasses/paper cups
    If you’re heading somewhere with a hot tub, these are much safer to have than glass! Plus at the end of the weekend you can just recycle them! Not forgetting, if you book a dance party class with Bounce Studios, your Bride-to-Be will receive a complimentary bottle of prosecco, and even paper cups are classier than swigging from the bottle!
  • Cereal bar/sweets/banana
    A quick snack on the go can be a god send, especially if you have a jam-packed schedule, and who doesn’t love an afternoon sugar boost before heading to your next activity!
  • Mints or gum
    Hen parties are all about memories with your Bride Tribe, which means a lot of opportunities to get up close and personal for selfies! Keep yourself minty fresh throughout the party!

First Aid
While no one wants to need first aid at a hen party, chances are a few of these ideas will come in useful!

  • Safety pins
    Broken purse zips, a snapped dress strap, popped top button – a safety pin can fix all manner of minor emergencies!
  • Plasters
    From shoes rubbing to a finger cut from a broken glass, a plaster has any number of uses!
  • Tissues
    Swapping emotional stories, blotting your lipstick, or mopping up a spilled drink, that tiny pack of tissues can save the day!
  • Painkillers
    Headaches, toothache, an inconveniently timed cold, you never know when you may need a painkiller – just be sure to read the label and not mix with alcohol.

Once you know what you’re going to be including in your party bags, you need to decide which type of bag would work best for you! Paper bags are great, colourful and come in an array of sizes to suit your needs! You may prefer a canvas bag, which can also serve as a keep sake for after the party – these also come in almost any colour and you can even get these customised online!

Whatever you’re putting in your bags, while shopping around online can give you unlimited options, don’t forget to check the discount stores on the high street – many have a hen party section, and you can get some really good bargains!