Terms & Conditions

Please read our company’s terms and conditions carefully prior to booking any class, course, party, event or first dance tuition. Bounce Studios Ltd cannot be held responsible after the event for any errors caused by failure to read or understand them in full. The terms and conditions will differ slightly for each different type of event. Please ensure that you have read the relevant section. By making a deposit payment, the client is agreeing to the below.

Party Bookings

For party bookings we require a £30 deposit to secure your booking, which is non-refundable. All payments and numbers must be finalised at least four weeks before the party date. The instructor cannot take any money from clients on the day of the event.

A minimum of four weeks notice prior to the party date is required to cancel a party, from which you will receive a refund of the balance minus any other costs incurred in relation to your booking. Cancelled parties within four weeks are non-refundable. Once full payment has been received no refunds can be made for any persons who cancels for any reason.

All session times include changing, our instructors introduction, a warm up and cool down. Any medical conditions / pregnancy should be addressed with the instructor before any event or class due to the physical nature of this activity. Pregnant participants are advised to seek the advice of their GP before taking part in a class. Participants take part at their own risk. The organiser of the party is asked to sign an online disclaimer either just before or after the balance has been paid on their party.

First Dance

A £30 deposit payment is required to secure the booking. A minimum of 72 hours notice prior to lesson commencement is required by the couple to cancel / re-schedule a lesson. All deposits are non-refundable, along with any costs that have been incurred by Bounce Studios prior to your tuition. Bounce Studios cannot guarantee that new dates will be available to suit both parties. Cancelled lessons within 72 hours notice & rescheduled lessons are non-refundable.

Bounce Studios do not refund payment if:

The client decides they are unhappy with their choreographed routine at the end of the lessons. Note: The routine will evolve over the course of the lessons. This will be in conjunction with the client and so it is not possible for the client to be unhappy with their routine.

The client decides not to continue the lessons half way through the booking for no other reason or if the wedding is cancelled.

Alcohol Policy

Please be aware that Bounce Studios Ltd reserve the right to terminate a party if any/all participants appear to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances, as this poses a serious health and safety risk. In most instances, alcohol consumption is forbidden in and around the vicinity of the venue. If a venue finds you to be in possession or under the influence of alcohol or other substances, they may take the decision to terminate your class. No refunds will be available under any circumstances in relation to the above.

Property & Venues

Any props used within parties (e.g. pom poms) are the property of Bounce Studios and must be returned to the instructor at the end of the session.

Parties will be held in either a dance studio, gym studio, function room or a community hall. Only the space for the lesson can be used, and participants are asked to respect the venue in its entirety. Participants must not tamper with any equipment in the studio/room, the studio/room building or en-route to the studio/room.

Age Stipulation

Participants must all be over 18 if their party is held in a bar, and you should consult with Bounce Studios regarding younger participants taking part in studios. If, within any group bookings there are found to be prospective participants who are under age, we reserve the right to request their removal from the party without refund.

Transfer Policy

We cannot make changes to dates or times once your booking has been confirmed.


Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, we must reserve the right to change the start times, dates, or venue locations previously established for your class, course, party, event or first dance tuition. We will endeavour to find a replacement instructor or venue, however for parties where we cannot meet your needs, we will offer a full refund.


In the unlikely event that Bounce Studios needs to cancel your booking for any reason, you will be notified as soon as possible.

In the event that we are unable to re-schedule your party we will be happy to offer you a refund.

If you cancel your party and are unable to attend your event due to unforeseen circumstances (ie. Illness, travel issues, weather conditions or any other events out of your control) we regret that no refunds can be given.

Health and Safety

Before your party, your organiser (our client) will have been asked to read add details, and accept an online disclaimer on behalf of all participants in your group. Furthermore, you must at all times follow the instructions issued by our teachers, who are trained to be mindful of your health and safety at all times. Any failure to follow instruction will automatically invalidate your insurance in the event of any injury you sustain as a consequence of this failure. Similarly, failure to follow the advice of your own GP will also render your insurance invalid for the purpose of claims.


In the event that the client is unhappy with the service provided by Bounce Studios Ltd, the client must raise the issue immediately with head office. A complaints claim will then be processed centrally. In the event that the client is grossly unhappy with the service provided by Bounce Studios Ltd due to extraordinary circumstances, the same procedure as above is followed and if successful, the client will receive a full refund of all lessons taken.

Entire Agreement and Applicable Law

This Agreement sets out all of the terms between Bounce Studios Ltd and the Clients.

This contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws of England and English Courts shall have jurisdiction in relation to the Agreement.

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