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We are Specialists in Creating Confident, Relaxed and Impressive Wedding Dance Routines

The First Wedding Dance is, for many people, a dreaded part of the wedding day. Make it something you look forward to.

Our aim is to make you feel confident and relaxed on the dance floor, and help you to enjoy your first steps as man and wife.

We have taught a wealth of couples from the wonderfully gifted dancer to the more, ahem, rhythmically challenged... No matter what your idea of dancing is, our fabulous instructor will work with you and your partner to help inspire and motivate you both to do something other than a retro end of night sway.

Whatever your wedding dance needs, we can create a dance routine for anything you may have in mind.

First Dance routines

Create something spectacular

This is the perfect option for couples who want to create a complete first wedding dance routine.

Be it a comedy grind, a jazzy jive or a sexy waltz, your friendly instructor will work with you over four hours to create something spectacular to stun your friends and family.


Wedding flash mob

The ultimate wedding dance surprise

Looking for the ultimate funny wedding dance? Keen to involve your bridal party in your first dance? Looking to make your guests giggle? Then why not organise a wedding flash mob?!

This is a modern, current and topical dance option which will surprise and entertain, leaving guests gasping in delight as they realise what is happening!


Groom Dance

Want to surprise your bride?

Get the wedding party started and learn a fun dance routine performed by the groom and his ushers, to the astonishment of his new wife!


Bridesmaid dance

Just you and your girls on the dance floor

Fancy re-creating all the fun you had at the Hen Do in front of your family and friends? Or putting together a routine to surprise your bride?

This is the perfect option if you and your girls love to get your groove on to your favourite tune! Bust a move to Beyonce, Spice Up Your Life, or groove to Glee. You could even create a mash-up to a few different songs? Our experienced instructors will help you put something together to wow your guests!

Choose from:

(1 hour)


(2 hour)


(4 hour)


(6 hour)


Memorable wedding dances
We have a simple booking structure to make it as easy as possible for you to book the correct number of first wedding dance lessons required. Our instructor will come to your home, usually after work or on a weekend. All you need to do is choose from the options and just click the button to book straight away.

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