What to expect

Thanks for booking your dance party with Bounce Studios! Here’s an idea of what to expect from your class…

In a nutshell, you’ll start with a basic dance warm-up, then learn a variety of classic moves from your chosen dance theme, along with a routine. If there’s time, we’ll throw in a little dance-off too, to encourage some healthy competition! You will find that some moves and routines come easily and others will take some practice. A Bounce Studios Dance Party will get you feeling energetic and lively, and you’ll leave with a bounce in your step (pardon the pun!).

All sessions are very relaxed and a lot of fun. Although our instructors are professionals, there’s nothing too serious about our classes. You’re guaranteed plenty of giggles as we select our instructors for their personalities as much as their ability and qualifications. They’re great at adapting where necessary if they need to tweak things along the way, and will welcome people of all ages, abilities, shapes and hair colours.

What to Wear

You need to feel comfortable at your class and be able to move, yet also feel inspired. Whether your wear a full fancy dress outfit appropriate to your chosen theme, or just your joggers, as long as you bring a smile and an open mind, you’ll be fine! Everyone in the group must wear trainers or other appropriate footwear, and you may wish to wear low heeled shoes for Strictly themed parties. Take a look at some photos from our previous parties on social media for inspiration if you’re struggling. Personalised t-shirts and joggers or leggings are a good, cheaper alternative to full fancy dress outfits if you’re on a budget.

Venue Info

All parties are held in town centre locations and our friendly instructor will be there to welcome you when you arrive. Changing facilities and parking are also available at most venues – Please double check if you specifically need these prior to your party though. Please don’t bring alcohol with you as the majority of our venues don’t allow this. Some venues provide drinking water, but not all of them offer this facility, so you’re wise to bring a bottle of water with you as well, particularly in the warmer summer months.

Safety Tips

Pregnant women and participants with medical conditions are welcome to take part but should seek the advice of their doctor before the class. Sessions are taught by professional instructors and we provide ourselves on providing safe and reliable classes. The party organiser is required to sign a health disclaimer on behalf of the group, and participants must listen to and follow instructions given by the instructor at all times. Instructors should be informed of any injuries at the start of the class.

Have a great party and please shout if you have any questions!